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Meditation Chair, Pinhole Glasses, and Guided Meditation Audio

Review our practical solutions for your meditation and yoga practice, floor sitting, stress reduction, and our array of self-help & vibration products.

We're serious about holistic health—read more.

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Stress Reduction

Subliminal Message AlbumsSubliminal MP3: Affect your unconcious mind and make changes to your thoughts and behavior

Transform your life with one of our subliminal MP3 message albumsread more..

What they're saying about us:

"You guys are awesome. I will definitely shop with you again!"
Jill S. (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)

"Thank you SO much... blissfully easy."
Sarah M.(Santa Fe, New Mexico)

"You are doing a great job! It was fast and I got what I've wanted. 10 out of 10!"
Arman T. (West Lafayette, Indiana)

"Thank you SO much! I appreciate that you worked to make it happen."
A. Asher (Kanin Hoj, California)

"...I wish to thank you for your time & patience for making my request possible."
Martha R. (Boca Raton, Florida)

"I must tell you that your website and your service is great!!!"
A. Kumar (Charlotte, North Carolina)

Meditation and Yoga

Back Jack Meditataion Chair - everyone's favorite

Check out our Meditation Benches and Yoga Paws.

See our video "how-to" series on Back Jack chairs.

Guided meditation audioListen to meditation music in CD's and free on-line samples.

It's a New Year! Bring harmony and balance into your life with BodyMindWisdom.

Floor Sitting

Meditation benches & zabutons Nada chairs for home or work

See our Meditation Benches

..and our patented Nada Chairs —now shipping Worldwide!

Meditation Chair, Pinhole Glasses, Guided Meditation Audio, Subliminal MP3, and other Yoga and Meditation Products

Yoga and Meditation - try our Yoga PawsEnjoy a stress reduction vacation with our guided meditation audio programs. These audio programs are in addition to other solutions we feature for meditation and yoga. Nurture yourself holistically with products from our self-help and vibration category, such as the Back Jack meditation chair, EMF Harmonizers, Pinhole Glasses, Subliminal MP3 or CD’s, and an array of free mindfulness articles and music to soothe, relax, and rejuvenate your body and mind.
Find balance and harmony, whether you enjoy floor sitting or are interested in EMF protection. In today’s fast-paced world, finding ways for stress reduction is all-important. Our collection of subliminal albums, available in mp3 or CD, can the transform your life. Subliminal messages, not resolved by the conscious mind, can affect your subconscious mind and positively influence subsequent thoughts, behaviors, and belief and value systems—impacting your actions. Taking control of this positive influence can benefit aspects of your life—from personal development to life success.
Subliminal MP3 - Develop an extrovert personality with our subliminal message albums.The power of meditation and yoga to help lower stress, blood pressure, and even help with pain relief is well- documented. And many of our floor sitting products are aimed at helping you achieve results. Our Back Jack meditation chair is sturdy, portable, and reasonably priced. We also offer meditation benches and zabutons, in addition to an array of effective evolutionary music to activate your DNA.
Feel comfortable to enter the realm of body mind wisdom. See what you can find to bring harmony and balance into your life.

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